The Victoria Park Urban Renewal area is located at the site formerly occupied by Waterloo lagoon and swamp. The swamp was drained in the early 20th century and a racecourse was built, to be replaced after World War II by the Zetland Naval Stores depot, which occupied the site until the mid 1990s. Significant redevelopment of this area in the form of medium and high density housing as well as commercial premises has occurred in recent years, presenting many challenges in floodplain management.


Historical and modern views, left and right respectively, of the Victoria Park Precinct at Zetland

WMAwater undertook a Flood Study of the catchment for City of Sydney, which has since formed the basis for planning approval and development decisions related to flooding at Victoria Park. WMAwater assisted in the preparation of a Development Control Plan (DCP) for the area, which included criteria for stormwater management, impacts on flooding and overland flow, and flood planning levels. Since the adoption of the Flood Study, WMAwater have undertaken several site-specific flood assessments for developments within Victoria Park, including East Village and the AUDI showroom. Our ongoing involvement assisting Council with flood-related issues has helped provide a consistent and unified approach to floodplain management in the catchment.

List of Victoria Park Studies

WMAwater flood studies in this catchment include:

  • Green Square and West Kensington Flood Study – Sheas Creek Victoria Branch (City of Sydney)
  • O’Dea Avenue Upgrade Feasibility and Capacity Assessment (City of Sydney)
  • Midblock Drainage Strategy Assessment (City of Sydney)
  • Flood Impact Assessment – Lot 203/1 Victoria Park (City West Housing)
  • Flood Impact Assessment – Lot 203/2 Victoria Park
  • Flood Impact Assessment – Lot 204 Victoria Park (P&J projects)
  • Flood Impact Assessment – Lot 205 Victoria Park (East Village)
  • Flood Impact Assessment – Lot 303 Victoria Park (WeLive / Meriton)
  • Flood Impact Assessment – Lot 305 Victoria Park (Anglican Retirement Villages)
  • Flood Impact Assessment – Lot 206 Victoria Park (AUDI / Meriton)
  • Flood Impact Assessment – SydneyGate