In the aftermath of the devastating floods that struck Queensland in January 2011, affecting over two-thirds of the state, a Commission of Inquiry was formed, charged with undertaking an independent and thorough examination of the chain of events leading to the floods, all aspects of the response and the subsequent aftermath of the 2010/2011 flood events. The commission webpage can be found here.

WMAwater was appointed as the technical expert advising the Commission, and submitted several reports, including:

  • The role of Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams in flood mitigation, and their operation during the January 2011 Brisbane River flood;
  • A review of hydraulic modelling undertaken on the Brisane River, Lockyer Creek, and the Bremer River; and
  • A review and analysis of Flood Frequency at Ipswich and Brisbane.

The floods were a tragic reminder that flood risk can never be entirely eliminated, and the importance of implementing effective floodplain risk management frameworks that cover flood mitigation infrastructure, development planning and flood response strategies.