ARR Project 15 Cover Page

ARR Project 15 Cover Page

Due to the experience of our senior staff and the depth of our specialist water team, WMAwater is frequently approached to take a review or oversight role for water engineering components of various projects. A high profile example is WMAwater acting as the independent expert in technical matters on behalf of the Queensland 2011 Floods Commission of Inquiry. WMAwater also takes a lead role in development of the Australian water and floodplain management fields, for example in our involvement in:

  • Queensland 2011 Floods Commission of Inquiry;
  • the revision of Australian Rainfall and Runoff;
  • the National Flood Manual;
  • Understanding floods: Questions and Answers; and
  • the National Disaster Insurance Review;

Members of our staff are involved in a number of Australian Rainfall and Runoff Projects including:

  • Project 3: Temporal Patterns of Rainfall- developing alternate temporal pattern methods
  • Project 5: Regional Flood Methods – asssiting the team develop software
  • Project 15: Two dimensional modelling in urban and rural floodplains – Mark Babister is the editor of this report and a number of our staff are primary authors of the document.
  • Project 18: Interaction of Coastal Processes and Severe Weather Events – Providing data

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Members of our staff were authors of Understanding Floods: Questions and Answers which was prepared by the Queensland Floods Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Panel, convened by the Queensland Chief Scientist, Dr Geoff Garrett AO, to explain in clear and simple language the fundamental concepts of floods, including flood causes, impacts, forecasting, and flood risk management now and in the future.

Senior staff have been involved in providing expert advice in legal proceedings, as court appointed experts or in matters under arbitration..

WMAwater can provide expert technical advice, detailed reports or witness testimony for most aspects of civil or water engineering problems which may arise in the legal and/or planning arenas including:

  • commissions of inquiry;
  • land and environment court and civil court matters;
  • advice for DCPs, LEPs, etc.
  • minor engineering and drainage related matters

Specific Projects

  • Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (Queensland): Providing expert advice and assistance to the Queensland Hydrology Group, including assisting the investigation into the security of urban water supplies throughout the Queensland; providing the expert assistance in the development of the water sharing rules to provide urban and rural users better ways of managing the water for their applications; and assisting in the development of new approaches in defining rural water supply reliability
  • Independent Panel of Experts – Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning: Member of the technical/scientific advisory panel to provide ongoing advice in regard to issues relating specifically to flooding and floodplain management of the Brisbane River and its major tributaries. WMAwater provides professional expertise and advice on scientific and technical matters related to the Brisbane River Catchment Studies.
  • Lockyer Valley Flood Study Review: WMAwater reviewed the gauging station interpretation and flood estimation for Lockyer Creek Flood Study. A review of the critical assumptions underlying the flood study was necessary particularly those to which the outputs are sensitive. It was important to also understand how these assumptions affect the uncertainty of the flood estimates. A key part of the review was assessing if the study presents a best estimate or a conservative estimate. It was necessary to confirm that the assumptions did not combine in a way that biases the flood study results.
  • Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry: In the aftermath of the devastating floods that struck Queensland in January 2011, affecting over two-thirds of the state, a Commission of Inquiry was formed, charged with undertaking an independent and thorough examination of the chain of events leading to the floods, all aspects of the response and the subsequent aftermath of the 2010/2011 flood events. WMAwater was appointed as the technical expert advising the Commission, and submitted several reports.