Estuarine and Coastal Studies

  • coastal hazard assessments and coastline management studies
  • estuary processes assessment and management plans
  • waterway user assessments and waterway usage planning studies
  • bank erosion investigations and bank management studies
  • coastal and estuarine infrastructure investigation and design

Maritime Engineering – Planning, Management and Design

  • port planning investigations and management studies
  • design of port facilities – wharves, jetties (pontoons, landings, boat ramps), seawalls, breakwaters
  • waterway infrastructure investigations
  • marina investigations
  • asset management and maintenance planning
  • dredging investigations and management plans

Specific Projects

  • Deep Creek ICOLL: Deep Creek is an ICOLL on the NSW north coast which is largely open. WMA conducted a flood study and climate change assessment for Council and the RMS for Deep Creek catchment. Based on model results an entrance opening strategy was recommended.