About Us

We are a specialist engineering consultancy with offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart. Our areas of expertise are hydrology, hydraulics and floodplain management. We are a dynamic consultancy using design best practice and expertise in advanced computer modelling to enhance our analytical work.


As our name suggests, we provide specialist engineering analysis and advice in a range of water-related fields. We specialise in hydrological and hydraulic studies of waterways and floodplains, and the development of long term strategies and designs for management of flood risk.

Core Values

Communication and Consultation - Engagement of the community and other stakeholders is often critical in developing water and flood management strategies that will be successful over the long-term. Analysis of flooding and drainage issues can be highly technical, and discussion of flooding and drainage issues can often evoke strong emotions. In our experience, communities like to able to directly engage with experts to discuss matters that are important to them, and to be provided with clear and transparent information about studies that affect them. WMAwater places an emphasis on clear communication of our technical work to a wide range of audiences, and direct engagement with stakeholders.

Technical Proficiency - High quality outcomes require a strong knowledge of fundamental engineering principles, extensive practical experience, and use of appropriate tools and methodology for the task. Throughout our organisation from student interns to directors, we emphasise technical proficiency, training and professional development to stay abreast with best practice.

Flexibility - With over 25 technical staff we have the resources for a wide range of project sizes, and the flexibility to respond quickly when our clients require. We have a flat structure that encourages collaboration and facilitates knowledge transfer. Our clients tell us that they like the direct access that they receive to the staff who are working on their project.

Data Management and GIS - With the use of spatial data now fundamental to engineering and planning disciplines, efficient management and utilisation of data is important for many projects. All of our engineering staff are trained in the use of GIS systems including MapInfo, Arc and others, and we can efficiently develop custom software tools or plug-ins for specific applications when required.

Systems Certifications